ECMS Express is a technology enabled international courier company that offers end-to-end delivery. Founded in 2013, our corporate goal has been to help our global clients simplify their cross-border deliveries with a stable end-to-end and cost effective solution. We are present today in USA, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and South East Asia. Over the years, we have developed market relevant B2C capabilities special thanks to our partnership with a couple of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms. Given this know-how, it is our aim to empower Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) clients in the B2B market with B2C delivery experience and market competitive rates.



· The registration of ECMS in Tianjin

· The setup of China and USA local operation capabilities

· Inaugurated US to China trade lane and US Fulfillment operations

· The ECMS customs team of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin branches were established in China

· The setup of Netherlands and Korea local operation capabilities

· Inaugurated mainland Europe to China trade lane, and US to Korea trade lane

· The setup of Japan and Hong Kong local operation capabilities

· Inaugurated Japan to China trade lane and the setup of Hong Kong Fulfillment operations

 ·  The setup of United Kingdom local operation capabilities

·  Inaugurated Japan to Korea and SEA region trade lanes, and from UK to China trade lane. In addition, ECMS Netherlands have secured AEO certification

·  The setup of Korea local operation capabilities

·  Inaugurated US to Singapore and Japan trade lanes, US to Europe and from China to SEA region trade lanes.

·  Inaugurated Europe to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and SEA region trade lanes; Commence US to SEA region trade lanes

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