Frequently asked questions


1.1 Do I need an account to ship with ECMS Express?

No, you don’t need an account needed to ship with ECMS. If you’d like to set up an account to receive even better offers on our global shipping rates, click the link below.

Already have an account? Click the link below to sign in and access your online portal.

1.2 What destinations does ECMS Express ship to?

ECMS Express proudly ships from the United States to 8 destinations, including Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.

1.3 Where can I drop off my parcel?

Click here to find you nearest USPS locations for an easy drop off. Please note, once you’ve package has been dropped off, the consignee’s information cannot be modified.

1.4 How much does it cost to ship with ECMS Express?

The cost of your order depends on the weight of your package and where it’s being delivered to. Your estimated weight with orders made online are calculated at the receiving location before the item is placed in transit. Then, the item is weighed where the final price is calculated.

1.5 How do I pay for my shipment?

You can pay for your ECMS services with card most major credit cards. Do you have a business or consumer account with us? You can easily manage your billing on our online portal by logging in at .

1.6 Where do I find the shipping waybill?

Each ECMS Express package is marked with a waybill identification code on the label. This ensures an efficient delivery, every single time.

1.7 How does ECMS Express check the safety of shipments?

To ensure the safety and efficiency of your delivery, ECMS routinely provides quality control checks on each package. Under air-bound parcel delivery laws and regulations, these routine checks also provide a safe environment for your delivery and its recipients.

1.8 What is the Full Terms and Conditions of ECMS Express?

You can review our full list of terms & conditions by clicking this link, ECMS Express Terms & Conditions.

Before you ship – Documents preparation

2.1 What documents do I need to provide when shipping my order?

If you’re shipping an item out of its original country, a commercial or proforma invoice is required. To learn more and download a Proforma Invoice Template .

2.2 Why is the consignee being asked to pay customs duties and taxes?

Before your shipment goes out, ECMS Express will collect any fees, duties and taxes from the consignee which will then be sued to pre-pay charges that occur during transit. Generally, ECMS is not able to deliver packages before duties and taxes have been paid.

2.3 How do I understand the calculations rules for duty in each country and territories different destinations?

To view Policy Regulations and Rule of Duty, check out this link, The Policy Regulations with Regards to Duty Rules.

2.4 How does ECMS Express protect my privacy?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy

2.5 Is it possible to send a delivery without providing a copy of my ID for customs clearance?

Standard laws and regulations do require ECMS Express to collect ID for any order placed to complete clearing customs. ECMS Express is committed to providing a safe and secure environment and follows all GDPR’s data protection principles.

2.6 What destinations and territories require me to provide my personal identification information in order to maintain import clearance?

Packages traveling to China, Korea and Taiwan require the consignee’s ID or passport for customs clearance.

2.7 Do I need to submit my information every time I ship?

If you’ve set your ECMS Express account up with us, your information is saved in our system. If you’re a new customer or have a change in your information, you can update your account with a representative or through our online portal.

2.8 How does ECMS Express protect my personal information?

ECMS Express is committed to providing a safe and secure environment and follows all GDPR’s data protection principles.

Restrictions – Size, weight, prohibited items

3.1 What is the maximum size and weight of one package you’ll ship?

ECMS Express specializes in handling packages that are under 44lbs and 59 inches in diameter. If a package should arrive above these guidelines, ECMS Express will initiate the return process to the original sender.

3.2 Do I need to provide the weight and dimensions of my package?

An accurate weight and size of your package is needed to ensure an efficient transit. ECMS will adjust any pricing that corresponds to updated measurements on the size of your shipment.

3.3 What kind of things can’t I ship?

Please referrer to the ECMS Restricted items link for a complete list of what cannot be sent through our service.

3.4 Do you have a list of all embargoed items for each country and territory?

Please refer to our Prohibited Items List in our Policy and Regulations section.

3.5 How should I prepare my package for shipping?

  • Please ensure all envelope and boxes are in good condition and have old labels and addressed removed.
  • Make sure the ECMS Express waybill is securely attached to your package.
  • Make sure your waybill barcode is flat and clearly visible for our AI to scan and properly navigate it through its transit.
  • Use adequate protective wrapping for fragile items and ensure they are packed away from corners of boxes.
  • To ensure the safety of our employees, please pay special attention to any sharp items.
  • ECMS Express reserves the right to return packages that do no comply with our shipping requirements.

3.6 Does ECMS Express provide packing materials?

No, ECMS does not provide packing materials. Your items must be properly packed when dropped off or picked up for transit.

After shipping

4.1 After I ordered my goods, for how long I could receive my package?

The delivery time for your package depends on the ECMS Express delivery service agreement.

4.2 How can I check the status/location of my parcel?

For anything from inquiries, please choose from the contact options below.

You can directly check on official website to check your package status.

WeChat Official Account: YIKEMAN

Company Tencent QQ: 4000861756

Customer Service email:

400 Hotline: 400-086-1756

You can follow ECMS WeChat Official Account and bind your personal information to it to check the tracking status of your package.

4.3 I see tracking information showing that my parcel has been returned from overseas warehouse, what is the reason?

There are a few reasons that can cause this to happen, for example, the goods you bought is in the destination country’s prohibited goods list, or too much time has passed before you submit the necessary materials for Customs clearance.

For instance, if the CN Customs requires ID information, you will need to provide information on your ID. For customers whose nationalities are not Chinese, you will need to provide China Residence Card or your passport.

4.4 Why has my parcel been delayed?

The necessary information for Customs clearance is pending for uploading by the consignee. Holidays, flights, and weather may also affect the arrival time of your parcel.

4.5 I want to cancel my order.

ECMS Express is the retailer logistics carrier and will not be able to facilitate the cancellation of orders, please contact the seller’s customer service to update/ cancel your order.

4.6 Why will my parcel be returned?

If you have not paid Customs duties and taxes more than 30 days, or your parcel belongs to the blacklist of destination import, your parcel will start to return process.

Besides, if the parcel is delivered to CN, citizens of China are requested to provide personal ID and foreigners should provide a passport or legal residence information. If the mentioned information is not provided in time, the parcel will be returned.

Please directly contact the seller’s customer service to understand their return policy if you have more questions.

4.7 I want to return my parcel, is it possible to return the duty/customs tax as well?

If the shipper is your seller, the customs duties and taxes cannot be returned.

If your shipper is not your seller, please directly contact the seller customer service to understand their return policy.

4.8 If the goods are lost or the received goods do not match the invoice, what happened in this situation?

Please directly contact the shipper or seller’s customer service department to understand their change of goods policy.

4.9 I have ordered my goods from the seller in one invoice, why is it separated into 2 packages?

There is a possibility that the size of products that you have ordered is too big to fit in one box, therefore it needs to be split up to multiple boxes. For more detailed information please contact the seller’s customer service team directly.

4.10 I wish to understand the exact embargoed items list for each country/territory.

Please refer to the prohibited items list in the policy and regulations section.

4.11 Which method should I use to check the status of my package?

Please see the guidance in the picture below:

  • Contact us by 400 hotlines: 400-086-1756,
  • Company Tencent QQ number: 4000861756, ECMS WeChat Official Account, and ECMS Express’s localized Customer Service Personnel to check the status of your package.
  • You can follow ECMS WeChat Official Account and bind your personal information to it to check the tracking status of your package 【ECMS WeChat Official Account:YIKEMAN】

4.12 I see tracking information showing that my parcel has been returned by the overseas warehouse, what is the reason for this?

There are a few reasons that can cause this to happen, for example, the goods you bought is in the destination country’s prohibited goods list, or too much time has passed before the consignee submit the necessary information for Customs clearance.

4.13 If my item is damaged or lost, who is entitled to make a claim?

The claimant must be the person who is the shipper. To support your claim, you may be required to provide proof of the damage, including the external packaging. The contents of the parcel and the original package should be available for inspection at the delivery address. ECMS Express may also require proof of the value of the item(s).

4.14 Within what timeframe do I have to report a lost or damaged parcel?

All claims must be submitted in writing to ECMS Express within thirty (30) days from the date that the parcel was accepted, failing which ECMS Express shall have no liability whatsoever. Claims are limited to one claim per parcel, settlement of which will be a full and final settlement for all loss or damage in connection therewith. Customs Services and Support - Customs Regulations for China




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